CDL Training School, Winston-Salem, NC

Choose a CDL training school that will prepare you thoroughly.

Driving a commercial truck or vehicle can be a rewarding career choice, but it does require specific training. To obtain your commercial driver’s license, you will need to complete CDL training first to ensure you understand how to maneuver a commercial vehicle and the requirements that go along with driving one. If you are searching for a CDL training school near the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, you can choose us at Lorac Academy.

CDL Training School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

There are plenty of places to go for your CDL training, but our CDL training school offers more than a few simple classes to help you pass the CDL test. Our academy offers both comprehensive classes and hands-on training, so you can gain the right knowledge and experience behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Our academy accepts students of all backgrounds, especially anyone looking for a fresh start in their life. Our team can share our experience and expertise in the truck driving industry to help answer any questions and improve your technique.

Our CDL training school works to make your training more manageable and affordable with less room for distractions by offering room and board for all our students. We will also use our connections to help you find a career placement as a commercial truck driver upon finishing and passing your training. You will find that our academy is exactly what you need to succeed in the truck driving industry. Give us a call today to learn more about our training school or enroll.

CDL Training School in Greensboro, NC