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Pursue a career as a commercial driver with our online training solutions.

Are you interested in obtaining your commercial driver’s license to become a truck driver? Earning your CDL and entering the transportation and logistics industry can be rewarding and enjoyable. But before you hit the road, you first need to complete Enty-Level Driver Training (ELDT).

Online Virtual Training

ELDT encompasses several mandatory training requirements dictated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You must complete this initial training if you want to do any of the following:

  • Earn your CDL for the first time
  • Upgrade your existing CDL
  • Obtain a specific endorsement

At Lorac Academy, we make it easy and convenient for aspiring truck drivers in the Greensboro, North Carolina area to complete this training. We do this by offering online ELDT courses that prepare you to take your Class A CDL test.

Our online training solutions feature a simple and entertaining format – all you need to do is watch the videos and view a few modules. After you do this, you will be fully prepared to test at the DMV for your Class A CDL.

Not only is the content included in our ELDT program simple to consume, but our course format also features unparalleled convenience and flexibility. You can complete the training at your computer, when you’re sitting on the couch, or even on your smartphone when you’re on break at work. All you need is an internet connection to enroll in our online ELDT course!

Complete our online program at your own pace and according to your timeline. Learn more about our online ELDT program and how to enroll by contacting us today.


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