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Breeze through your CDL testing after completing our thorough CDL training course.

A CDL test is different from the basic driver’s license exam. It’s more extensive when it comes to rules and regulations of the road, and it’s stricter on driving techniques. This is only because driving a commercial vehicle requires a lot more control over the vehicle and very close attention to specific driving rules and regulations to keep yourself, your cargo, and everyone else on the road safe any time you’re behind the wheel. It sounds like a lot, but we at Lorac Academy can help you prepare for and breeze through your CDL testing with our thorough training courses.

CDL Testing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our staff is made up of highly experienced commercial drivers with experience and knowledge they can pass on to students. You’ll receive training that will cover the technical details of driving a commercial vehicle as well as the transportation regulations and information that can help you in your commercial driving career. You will also receive hands-on training to give you real experience and get you more comfortable behind the wheel before your CDL testing. At the end of our training program, you’ll have the knowledge, experience, and confidence you need to pass the test and find success in your new career field.

Once you have passed the CDL testing, we can also help you with career placement. We can reach out to our connections throughout the industry to help you find your first job in the trucking industry. You will surely be happy to enjoy the flexibility, reliable work, and great benefits that come with a commercial driving career.

Breeze through your CDL testing once you complete our thorough and helpful CDL training course. If you want to do commercial driving in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, give us a call to enroll in our academy.

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