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Our team offers the thorough CDL training you need to make a strong start to your new career as a commercial driver.

At Lorac Academy, we are dedicated to educating the next generation of truck drivers. There is currently a serious shortage of qualified commercial drivers, and our team is here to help train new recruits to enter this field. Commercial driving is a promising career that offers consistent work, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay, and it has a lower barrier to entry than many jobs on the market today. If you are looking for a new career, we encourage you to consider becoming a truck driver—simply contact our team to learn how to enroll in our CDL training program.

CDL Training in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

A CDL is a commercial driver’s license, and it requires more rigorous training to earn this qualification than it does to pass your standard driver’s test. Fortunately, our team is here to provide the instruction and training you need to master the necessary skills. Our CDL training staff has extensive experience as commercial drivers, and we are committed to helping new drivers enter the field and make a strong start to their careers. We’ll teach you not just driving skills, but also how to handle the administrative side of the business, and we can even help you with your first job placement.

Our team is proud to be a part of the community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and we want to help you earn your CDL. If you are looking for a great CDL training program, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about our academy.

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