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Start your career as a commercial driver.

Truck Driving School in Durham, North CarolinaTruck driving is a career with many opportunities and possibilities. As a commercial driver, you fill an essential role and literally “drive” the economy. Whether you want to pursue an over-the-road experience or are drawn to local delivery routes, at Lorac Academy, we can teach you everything you need to know at our truck driving school.

We provide the technical knowledge you need as well as the practical hands-on skills required to safely drive a tractor trailer or larger vehicle. Our truck driving school can help you earn your Class A or Class B CDL, and we will provide instruction that thoroughly prepares you for a successful career as a commercial driver. We balance our comprehensive curriculum with ample “behind the wheel” skill development and technical classroom instruction.

On top of all this, we can help you with job placement and career readiness as part of your journey to becoming a commercial driver. Some of the skills we teach include interpersonal relations instruction, interview techniques, training on how to find and fill out employment applications, instruction on requesting interviews, and more.

Our goal is to help you throughout all phases of your career as a truck driver, from the day you decide you want to explore this career option to finding the right job opportunity to support your goals in Durham, North Carolina. Find out more about the programs our truck driving school offers or our enrollment requirements by contacting us today.

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