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Get a fresh start and a rewarding career through our truck driving school.

Driving School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Truck driving offers the unique opportunity of competitive wages, flexible hours, and plenty of opportunity without having to bury yourself in school loans. There’s currently a shortage of truck drivers, so the industry is a perfect option for anyone looking for a fresh start and a successful career path. If you are looking for such a rewarding career in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, you can start here at Lorac Academy. Our CDL training school will prepare you to excel in the truck driving industry.

While truck driving is an excellent industry to get into, it does still require specific training and licensing. Our truck driving school can give you everything you need to prepare for success. We have experienced staff who have been driving trucks for years and are ready to give you all the tips, advice, and information you need to get comfortable behind the wheel.

You’ll receive both technical training and hands-on training to get you familiar with transportation regulations as well as improve your truck driving skills. We can help you earn your Class A or Class B CDL, so you can go whichever direction you prefer in the industry. We even offer room and board for all our students to limit costs and distractions.

Once you have finished in our truck driving school and passed the exam to obtain your CDL, we can also help you with career placement. We can reach out to our many connections in the trucking industry to help you find your first job that will lead you to enjoyment and success. You’ll surely find your new career choice highly rewarding.

Take advantage of the open job market and get a fresh start and rewarding career through our truck driving school. Give us a call today to enroll.

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