Truck Driver Training Can Open a World of Opportunities

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Truck driver training provides a great career opportunity. The average salary for new truck drivers begins at $50,000 and there is a lot of room for growth for those who stick with it for a couple years or more and become independent or owner-operators. In those later cases, one can make well into six-digit salaries.

Truck Driver Training Can Open a World of Opportunities

There are many benefits of truck driver training as well. Drivers who are employed by trucking companies often get health insurance, including vision and dental, as well as life insurance. The majority of companies extend these to family members as well, providing security for loved ones.

There is always the need to transport goods from place to place, so truck driving offers job security and reliable work. Truckers often say, ”If you bought it, a trucker brought it.” There is a continual shortage of drivers, and naturally, opportunities follow.

Truck driver training can be completed in as little as a few weeks, as no additional degrees or schooling is necessary for driving trucks. There are great opportunities for those who obtain a CDL, as it allows one to operate large, heavy trucks, which can lead to high-paying jobs and additional perks. Trucking provides freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity for travel. It is an improving industry with many advancements on the horizon that will make the job even better, easier, and safer.

At Lorac Academy, our goal is to provide truck driver training for dedicated individuals in Greensboro, North Carolina who are ready to learn and willing to work hard. We also firmly believe in giving people a second chance and providing opportunities for growth. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to us to inquire about our truck driver training today!