Truck Driving Academy: The Place You Make It, Not Fake It

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When you’re ready to obtain your CDL, you know that getting it will be a rigorous process requiring a lot of preparation. Of course, that’s to be expected when you’re getting ready to drive a rig over 26,000 lbs. That’s a powerful piece of machinery! You know it will require more than simple studying of books to become a capable driver. You’ll need some serious, hands-on, highway driving practice. One of the best ways to achieve this goal and make sure you’re completely prepared for the truck driver testing is to attend a truck driving academy. If you’re ready to embark on the process, you may be wondering what the requirements are.

Truck Driving Academy: The Place You Make It, Not Fake It

At our truck driving academy, we believe anyone can get a fresh start. As part of that belief, we have standards in place to help you achieve your goal of becoming a commercial trucker. The minimum age for applying to our program is 18 with a Class C driver’s license. Another important requirement is that you pass the DOT physical exam and drug screening.

To create the best learning environment possible, we expect you to follow high standards of conduct during your time at our truck driving academy. Some of our rules include including being on time, being prepared, and staying safe. We’ll ask you to sign our contract so that you know exactly what the expectations are.

Thanks to these high standards, you’ll be fully prepared to pass your CDL tests. You’ll be a safe driver on the road, earn a great income and have a satisfying life driving new places and meeting new friends. Your life will suddenly be full of options. Enjoy it!